About Emily


Emily Mercer has been a makeup artist and hair stylist in Portland since 2014. Emily is currently working with companies in the Portland area for e-commerce and ad campaigns, as well as various photographers for lifestyle, editorial, and boudoir photoshoots.

Emily loves the acting community and has been a part of many short films, web series, and commercials in the Portland area. She has continually grown her skill set by acquiring her Cosmetology license in the Spring of 2017 and Cosmetic Tattoo License in the Spring of 2018.. 

For Emily, her favorite part of beauty services is the unique qualities of each person. Emily collaborates with each client before and during each session to ensure the end product is one that reflects the clients overall vision. Most importantly, she provides a welcoming environment and a gentle touch ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 


Emily Mercer is incredible! I have used her for facials, headshot make up and make up lessons. I’ve always had problem skin and she’s taken great care of me and my needs. After years at the dermatology office its been amazing to see what her products and suggestions have done to improve my skin. I use her on a regular basis for facials and chemical peels and what a difference its made on my face!

In addition to that, I’ve always had so many difficulties with make up. As a woman of color, I can never find the right match or product and my foundation never made it the full day. After lessons with her, I saved money on product, got a perfect match, and use LESS make up overall. Plus it lasts all day! So invaluable to have that extra boost of confidence and not worry throughout the day if my make up will last.

I simply cannot recommend Emily Mercer and her services enough!
— Kelli | Client